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Pavlos Simas
2 min readMay 23, 2024
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As a developer you can earn more money not only from developing a website or app but you can also write your own book and sell it to earn some extra cash.

In 2024 the best way to do it is creating a digital product (not a physical one) and sell it to different platforms. Creating a digital product does not have any risk and money to spend. It’s free but of course it could take some days to write it and formatting it correctly.

Personally i use gumroad to publish my books. It has many payment options and also free products to build your audience. In my case i created 3 different digital products (2 for free and one with payment). Currently i do not have a lot of sales but it’s a start!

Here you can see a screenshot from my dashboard about my sales:

The first one is not free and the other two are for free.

For every sale you make (free or payment) you can create your own audience that can subscribe to your profile and also have them on your mailing list so for every new product you can send them an email to notify that there is a new product available.

The user can buy your products directly with paypal (which is credited instantly to your paypal account) or via credit card which should be connected to your stripe account and then use stripe to move it to your bank account.

You can check my ebook here:



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