Create your own Library With Swift Package Manager in Xcode

Detailed description to easily create your own library

Pavlos Simas
4 min readJul 4, 2023
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In this tutorial we will see how to create your own Library using Swift Package Manager and Xcode 14. Creating your own library helps for good quality code, less complex projects and of course share your library with other projects.

Create The Library

Open Xcode -> File -> New -> Package and select Swift Package

In the next screen type the name of your library (in our case will be NetworkLibrary) and hit create.

Xcode will create all the necessary files for you and your library should look something like this:

You will notice a folder called Sources. There you can put all your code and files. In our case we open Sources folder and NetworkLibrary file adding directly there our code to just call a service. It looks like this:



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