My First Sale on Gumroad for SwiftUI Book

Techniques and tips on how i made my first sale for my book about SwiftUI

Pavlos Simas
3 min readJul 31, 2023

Yesterday i did launch my first digital Book which is not free and i already have 3 sales only from Gumroad.

One technique i followed was to build first a mailing list for my free products. I had 2 free digital products with total 32 sales which at least for me is pretty good.

Give something for free to build audience

After the launch of my new product i sent an email to the buyers of my first 2 free products. Unfortunately i did not get any sales from those emails but i hade some clicks to my new product that can lead to increase my visibility.

Create a discount code promotion

Gumroad give you the possibility to create promo codes with a discount for limited time or sales. The first sale was generated from this strategy. I created a post in facebook with the discount code and there i got my first sale.

Linkedin Posts

Linkedin allows you to enable your account as a content creator. I already have a pretty good number of followers but enabling content creator mode your post can be visible also in other people outside…



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