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Pavlos Simas
4 min readJul 30, 2023
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In a digital world there are a lot of ways to make money. One of them is publishing your own book and there are a lot of tools and platforms that help you to create and publish your book. In our case we used GumRoad.

We created a book that is about learning swiftUI with title Mastering SwiftUI which helps you to start developing in swiftUI covering the most important stuff in 41 pages.

Also with the help of AI we divided the book in 15 chapters covering all the things necessary to learn SwiftUI. The book explain everything also with code examples what can run in Xcode just copy/pasting them.

Here’s how the chapters are organized:

Chapter 1: Introduction to SwiftUI
Chapter 2: SwiftUI Views and Modifiers
Chapter 3: SwiftUI Layouts and Stacks
Chapter 4: SwiftUI State and Data Flow
Chapter 5: SwiftUI Lists and Navigation
Chapter 6: SwiftUI Gestures and Animations
Chapter 7: SwiftUI Drawing and Graphics
Chapter 8: SwiftUI and Data Persistence
Chapter 9: SwiftUI and Networking
Chapter 10: SwiftUI Accessibility
Chapter 11: SwiftUI Best Practices and Tips
Chapter 12: SwiftUI and Combine Framework
Chapter 13: SwiftUI on Other Platforms
Chapter 14: SwiftUI Testing and Debugging
Chapter 15: SwiftUI and App…



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